Notre tour de France

At Compagnie Animotion we are very much into bringing people together, despite differences in culture or language, and so one of the main ideas behind the show was to create a project where we could bring together town towns and create links where town towns don’t (yet) exist.

Here’s one possibility of how we can do that with your town and twin town.

Work with your local town twinning group, using their amazing energy and brilliant links to contact schools in their area in France.

We would then go and work in these French schools running artistic workshops, recording voices, and creating a film with these French children, all of which are used in the show. We can also be used as, ‘postal service’ to deliver postcards and letters from the children to your school.

In the meantime you have created a relationship with your local schools who want to be part of the project.

The teachers from your local schools use our teachers pack to introduce the project, and start to work with their pupils on the themes in the show.

JoJo, Billie and Albert then come to your town and work in these schools to exchange the work of the French children, to teach the pupils the song sung by the French children in the show and to run workshops which touch on Geography, French language and culture.

These pupils then come and see the show in your venue and continue the pedagogical activities afterwards thanks to the teachers pack.

These workshops in schools help both us and you to develop new audiences and perhaps bring artistic activities to some young people who have not necessarily had experience of this or to communities who may feel they are not targeted by the arts.

Don’t have a twin town but like this option? Don’t worry! We can partner you up with schools here in France who would be excited about exchanging letters, drawings and ideas with schools in the UK.

Of course for any workshops by the company there is a fee. Please contact us for details.