Emilie is from French-speaking Belgium.

She has worked on several designing and making projects with the company and we love her way of recycling, upcycling, her gift with fabrics and her eye for the little details.

You may remember her beautiful fabric puppets from our show Portmanteau, or the miniature cinema from a pop-up suitcase cot, along with miniature cinema seats, mini-posters and a miniature screen.

She also works as a freelance costume, designer and maker for other companies in France and Belgium.

For JoJo & Billie she is the creator of all the drawings that you will see animated, all the little objects hanging from bicycle wheels and stuck on hats, upcycling all of the bicycles and in general she is the boss when we all work together, controlling the glue supplies to each one of us and going over our work with a fine tooth comb.

Living in Liege, Belgium, she is an avid rower and loves the sports in the show.

She drinks over 10 espressos a day when she is working for the company, which we do not recommend. She also makes a mean Belgium rice cake and is the life and soul of creation periods.