Olivier is from there North of France, where it often rains, but luckily for him (and us!) it meant he could stay indoors and learn the guitar!

Now a distinguished jazz-manouche guitarist, he plays in the trio, ‘Les Namouches’ all over the South of France.

He arranged the music and plays guitar in the show for young audiences, ‘Marché d’amour’ by Cie Bulle & Plume (a 2013 creation).

He joined Compagnie Animotion in 2011, when he became part of the Diaspora team and wrote the new musical score including the arrangements for cello, clarinet, guitar, trumpet and voice.  He was so lovely to work with we decided to find a new project together and so “JoJo & Billie” was born.

For this piece Olivier wrote and arranged for the melodica, the guitar, and a xylophone.

He ran workshops for both Cie Animotion and Cie Songes in musical expression and  during these has worked with little ones from 6 months to slightly bigger ones at 16.

For the Diaspora project he ran workshops with us for young people ad adults as well as refugees and asylum seekers.

Having lived in Ireland and Wales, he is bilingual and always has a smile on his face (except in this photo, when we took his guitar away from him).

A serious runner, he has participated in several marathons, and therefore enjoys the sporting element to the show and of course, being French, adores the element of competition!

Olivier played JoJo until February 2015 when he decided to leave for new pastures and adventures. We couldn’t stop him, but we are left with the smiley and delightful Guillaume in his shoes (actually we had to buy new shoes as Guillaume has boats for feet). Check out Guillaume’s bio for more info.